JSC "Amber tree"

Amber is found in many countries around the world . It is famous for and the Caribbean , Dominica, China. But the Baltic amber is a very - specific. It is exclusive: yellow, heavy . We, Lithuanians, very proud of it and use as a tool to attract the attention of the world . Amber represents our country's history , traditions and heritage.

About the company

Joint - stock company " AMBER TREE " Representing and fostering Baltic gold, settled in 2009, and until now successfully operates not only in Lithuania, but cooperates with the Baltic States, Europe and the Scandinavian countries , Russia , China and the United States. The main activity of the company souvenir production. They are made from natural raw materials, amber, wood , and stone. Products handmade, so each is a unique souvenir made​​.


Our products are in high demand - it shows cooperation with many international companies . JSC " Amber Tree participates in international exhibitions as glorifying their products and honestly representing his country.