JSC "Amber tree"

Amber is found in many countries around the world . It is famous for and the Caribbean , Dominica, China. But the Baltic amber is a very - specific. It is exclusive: yellow, heavy . We, Lithuanians, very proud of it and use as a tool to attract the attention of the world . Amber represents our country's history , traditions and heritage.

About the company

Our company “Amber Tree” based in Lithuania.
We export our products worldwide.
We offer an excellent service best quality of genuine Baltic Amber handmade.
We do have many different design of Amber Tree as well we can provide your own model design to be exclusive for your business.
Also we offer a different Amber products such necklaces, bracelets, magnets, rosary, much, much more....
Or feel free to contact us phone: +370 648 30009
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Our products are in high demand - it shows cooperation with many international companies . JSC "Amber Tree" participates in international exhibitions as glorifying their products and honestly representing his country.